Who or What is AEGIS?

The Meaning Behind the Name of Your Trusted Montgomery Real Estate Agency

I chose the name AEGIS because of its significance and historical meaning.  According to the “Dictionary of Word Origins” by John Ayto, published by Arcade Publishing, Inc., New York, 1990, the word aegis came to English directly from Latin.

“The notion of ‘protection’ contained in this word goes back to classical mythology, in which one of the functions or attributes of the Greek god Zeus (and later of Roman Jupiter or Minerva) was the giving of protection. This was usually represented visually as a shield…”

This “notion of protection” appealed to me in electing the company name because it conveys my overall philosophy in providing real estate services for the last 24 years. Also, the shield in the logo on the sign further reflects the historical protection concept and serves as a continuous reminder of AEGIS’s commitment of Excellence to our clients.

-Ann Michaud  

AEGIS logo - Montgomery real estate agents
AEGIS Montgomery real estate agents - Excellence Logo