Anne Kate Bowen is a Montgomery Real Estate Broker at Aegis Michaud Properties

ANNA KATE BOWEN, Montgomery Real Estate Associate Broker

Anna Kate Bowen is a Montgomery Real Estate Broker. Her real estate career began in 2005. Anna truly enjoys listening to her customer needs, and she loves being able to help them find the right home. She also takes pride and enjoyment in walking her clients through the process of important home inspections, the home loan process, and all the rigorous steps that have to be taken before home ownership is a reality. She has been the Top Sales agent at AEGIS every year since 2007, an honor that she is very proud of. She has also been voted the Montgomery Advertiser’s Readers Choice award for Best REALTOR® for 5 years in a row.

Anna has been happily married for 12 years & has 3 beautiful children.  When she is not helping clients find the house of their dreams or spending time with her family, Anna enjoys giving back to the community.  “I think a successful life is one filled with helping others,” says Anna Kate.